Tuesday, May 30, 2006

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Monday, February 27, 2006

half the night.

Found this cool site on the Radiohead blog:


love it!

Finished demoing 11 songs:

-A Million Pieces Takes A Long Time To Put Back Together Again
-We Burn
-The Honesty Loophole
-Cry Your Eye's Out
-Baby, You're A Vampire
-Don't Listen To Us
-Failing Frequencies
-Manchester City Cosmonauts
-Ocean Beach Park
-We've Been Through This
-Paris, Texas

We love them! They're like our little children, growing up in the big city. Some get along well together, some need to be kept apart, some just keep to them selves.

Still writing, we're working on two new ones at the moment plus I've got a couple more in the pipeline.. It's slowing down though, I can feel it.

Soon, we wait.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

back from the dead and off to jail..

I will start this post by apologising to my friend from Melbourne who I never see. I'm not apologising cause I never see him or speak to him much, but because over a year ago, maybe two years ago.. i can't remember... he sent me an email telling me I must listen to an album called "Funerals" by a band called 'Arcade Fire'. I told him to listen to Bloc Party (i stand by that.) and a little known band called: The Killers... THE KILLERS of all fucking bands, I know... what ever..!!! Anyway, I downloaded the Arcade Fire album and never got around to listening to it. I have this problem you see with new music... It scares me.. I don't know why. So I never played it, it just sat on my hard drive...

insert ?? months here [...]

So I hear this sound coming out of my shitty alarm clock, it's waking me up. There's this amazing song waking me up, it's make believe.. It's starts from nothing with chimes and this far off guitar riff, and ends in absolute joy! I have no idea who this is but I can't move till the end then the radio person tells me it's Arcade Fire and the track is called: Tunnels. So I listen to the album that morning, again and again and again... it's the most exciting album I've heard in.. I don't know how many years (Hail To The Thief was very exciting!!! but this...) It's an amazing collection of songs. faultless. EVERYONE must go out and get this album or just listen to it once, you'll be hooked!!! I write songs differently now I've heard this album.

In other new... We are working on a Devoted Few podcast!!! I don't know who will listen to it, but I like em so we're gonna make one. We'll send the link to the egroups when it's done.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

mirror, signal, manoeuvre, repeat...

played in melbourne & adelaide with dappled cities fly this past weekend. two shows in melbourne with a gig in adelaide in between. lots of fun but the fact that we spent 36 hours driving and only two hours on stage is kinda strange. much of that 36 hours is spent listening to the ricky gervais show podcasts again, and again. here's a lil' recount..

we get an early start on thursday morning and by early evening we're at 161 in prahran; a nice, albeit slightly smelly venue. there are couches on the stage for reasons best known to someone else. we've only got half an hour to display our wares and we play a good show even though it feels like we finish before we get started. afterwards, i buy some over-priced imported beer and catch up with some familiar faces amongst the frocks and haircuts - my brother is here from sydney and so is the longest serving devoted devotee and new melbourne resident, amy walters. it's like old times. more expensive beer, a quick load-out, and we're off to st kilda in search of baked goods.

friday, and we're back behind the wheel on the way to adelaide. more ricky gervais. we think this trip is gonna take about seven hours; it doesn't and i miss the interview i'm meant to do in adelaide at 5.30pm. but in the meantime we allow ourselves some time to check out the town of 'keith'. we stop in for a late lunch at the curiously named 'morning loaf cafe'. i consider asking the large, surly, tatooed man behind the counter about the origins of the name but common sense advises against it and i leave him to sort out my foccacia.

adelaide. we play at jive. it's a good venue, really comfortable, decent stage, lots of coopers pale. the crowd is smaller than that in melbourne and sydney but good nonetheless. it's been a while since we were here and i wish we could do it more often. we head to a club called supermild after. it's been a favourite of ours in the past but it appears to have changed owners and the previous ones have taken the charm with them. i think i wrestle someone back at the hotel. bed.

saturday, back to melbourne. the drive back is much easier and quicker. we convoy for a while with the dappleds and they see a little more devoted than they bargain for.

we head straight to click click, which is actually at brown alley, which is actually at a pub called, um, i can't remember what it's called. load in, dinner, soundcheck. a band called pitching woo are first on tonight and we enjoy them plenty. tonight is my favourite show of the weekend. richo, dave and i head down the front for dappled's set. they are amazing, again.

i catch a couple of hours sleep before it's time to get back in cars for the drive home. my ipod battery runs out. more ricky gervais. mirror, signal, manoeuvre. the end.


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The nice Billboard Noises

I'm the number one consumer. If I see an ad with pretty colours I have to buy what ever it's telling me to buy. There's an ad on telly selling some TV with colourful balls rolling down a SanFran street and an amazing cover of The Knife's song: HeartBeats done by Jose Gonzalez. It's an amazing ad.. I mute all ads you see, but for some reason when I see this ad come on TV I must un-mute and listen to the song, and watch the balls roll down the street, I even turn the sound up. The imagery is wonderful... It really does make me want to buy the stupid TV. I don't need a big TV like that... The Knife & Jose Gonzalez says I do. I'm a consumer you see. There's someone sitting at a desk thinking up these ideas, these abstract ideas of colourful balls bouncing down a hill to sell a TV. He/she gets paid a ton of paper money to make me un-mute my TV, and who ever it is that has made me un-mute my TV to continually watch and have to hear this commercial I take my hat off to you.

I'm not the only person to feel this way about the ad. Tanith from amazing Sydney band: Centipede says she can't stop watching the ad when it's on. I heard a stranger at Homebake the other day talk about this 'amazing ad with balls rolling down a hill...'

I suppose I like nice sounding Billboard Noises.

Just came back from 2 weeks of shows with Sarah Blasko. She's GREAT! I've played 17 shows in 14 days. I'm playing guitar in Blasko's band for a little bit and Devoted has been supporting her, so I've been doing a Devoted show then I have 20 minutes to get ready for a Blasko show straight after. The shows have gone well. I bought these Peter Sellers style thick rimmed reading glasses as a disguise during Blasko's set.. It gives people a laugh. Matty our mixer says he's 96% sure someone will bash me if I keep on wearing them, I like those odds.

There’s a secret rumour of a Dappled/Devoted tour early next year... But you didn't hear it here... oh hang on, yes you did.


oh there's a good review from the tour: HERE

Friday, October 07, 2005

Conquering Western Australia. More or less.

thursday. i have a bad feeling as soon as i wake and hear the rain beating at my window. i spend a few seconds trying to recall why the fuck i'm getting up so early but eventually my brain kicks in and i'm up and quickly out the door without so much as a cup of tea. richo and dave are waiting for me in a cab downstairs. richo had the same cabby last time he went to the airport. they reminisce and i dream of being back in bed.

the three of us arrive at the airport before the others and take our place in the already too long check-in line. so much for getting here early. we hit the front of the line as the rest of the band and our sound engineer, matt landers, arrive. we let richo do all the talking. he hands over our ID's and flashes the famous coneliano smile but the lady at the check-in counter takes one look at all of our gear and hates us instantly.

we don't realise precisely how much she hates us until we board the plane to find that not only are we not seated together but we've all got 'B' seats, you know, those middle seats where you're stuck between two strangers. the two either side of me are getting on like old friends. the girl on one side of fletcher seems to have taken a liking to him. she strikes up a conversation and he politely keeps it going.

"so, perth is two hours behind sydney, right?" ben says.
"yeah. and about 20 years," she replies, staring into the seat back in front of her.

we touchdown in perth and i've lost all feeling in my legs. into the arrival lounge and the seven of us have never been so glad to see each other. there are long embraces.

first stop on the tour is margaret river. the 12 seater mini bus we booked online has been involved in a collision that morning and they don't have another, so we head off from perth airport in a funny little kia van and a nice family sedan. wes is driving the van and he looks like grape ape. when dave takes over it's like shaggy behind the wheel of the mystery machine.

margaret river is nice. catriona rowntree would call it quaint. skye wants to move there immediately. it's also bloody cold and ridiculously windy. sideways rain. at least that's what it's like on the days we're there. we're playing the settler's tavern. it's a good venue, nice people, good food, lots of little creatures pale ale on tap. we settle in. by the time we play we've all been awake for 20 odd hours or more. i play badly. grumpy, unsociable barry emerges and sticks around till breakfast the following morning.

friday. we drive back to perth for a show at the rosemount. but first we head to our accommodation for the night. now, when you've been to a city a few times you learn important lessons about it - where to stay, where to eat, where not to. but on a first visit to a new city it's so easy to go wrong, and on this night in perth we go very very wrong. i won't slander our chosen digs too much except to say that it's the poorest accommodation choice the devoted few has ever made. that night we all sleep with our wallets and mobile phones strapped to our bodies. but first, the gig...

the rosemount is a fantastic venue. great sounding room, generous stage and a generous rider. we have a fun show. the new songs in the set are high points for me. we extend the middle of 'don't listen to us' and i envisage this section of the song going for 20+ minutes each night on the next album tour. apparently the three guy members of garbage are putting on a free show down the road but we draw an appreciative crowd nonetheless. after we play everyone except richo and i head up to the band room and arrive on the balcony just in time to see some guy, who'd apparently been at our show, doing burn-outs on the main street. a second later he loses control of his car, takes it up a tree (still not sure how he managed that) and flips it onto its roof. the bouncers from the venue run to his aid and he promptly sets about trying to punch their lights out. just an average night in north perth we're told.

afterwards, matty, richo, dave and myself head to amplifier bar in the city while the others head 'home'. by the time the four of us arrive back there we're all fairly merry which certainly helps make the place tolerable. a minor incident follows, involving richo and a young indian boy whom richo believes has stolen and is wearing his pyjamas. at 5am some other guy whom we don't know goes around every person in our room asking for cigarettes. only pride stops me from crying myself to sleep.

saturday. another drive south, this time to bunbury, a couple of hours out of perth. our hire cars have cd players but none of us have thought to bring cd's, except wes who has brought along 'wesley favourites' and 'more wesley favourites'. sadly, their appeal is far from universal so we pass the time flipping between two country radio stations. every song sounds like a variation on 'freedom isn't free' from team america.

we arrive at the prince of wales in bunbury, our gig and our home for the evening. as i walk in i begin wondering if a strain of the ebola virus has swept through town, wiping out the female population. this place is wall-to-wall blokes. it reminds matty of his home town of gloucester and he feels completely at ease. he tells ben, wes and dave that they'll probably be beaten up tonight. he says i'll probably be fine. phew.

at dinner, richo and skye both order the 500gm rump steak, which the menu bills as 'a half kilogram arse-kicker!' and amidst red faces and beads of sweat they both power through the biggest slabs of flesh i've ever seen. skye finishes, barely able to catch her breath, while richo cleans his plate believing he's been duped - "that was only 350gms i reckon!"

when it comes time for us to play the daytime drinkers have clocked off, which i think is a pity, and a new, fresh faced, quieter, younger group have appeared in their place. an intimate show.

afterwards we head out with the nice folks from halogen, who are supporting us on this tour, in search of what the other young bunbury-ians do of an evening. we stumble upon an irish pub on the main drag that is packed to the rafters. wondering what all the fuss is about, we saunter in. ben and dave don't make it past the front door, they're outta here. once inside, the locals' attraction to the place becomes immediately apparent - lots of booze, plenty of the colourful, fruity variety, and two hefty gents wearing madonna-style headphone mics playing along to backing tracks of classics like 'play that funky music', contemporary classics like 'teenage dirtbag' and, for the alternative kids, 'fight for your right to party'. after a couple of quick beers matty and richo take us in search of kebabs...

sunday. we enjoy a good breakfast in bunbury before heading to fremantle. today the sun is shining for the first time since we arrived and everywhere looks better for it. we're playing at the swan basement but first we head to our accommodation for the night - a great cottage with a garage, and a studio apartment above it. there's a lot of frantic janking, with each of us vying for the best beds. skye scores a double bed in a room to herself, richo and ben are in the studio with their own bathroom, flat screen tv and dvd player, wes is in the loungeroom refusing to be torn away from the tele and the fridge, while dave, matt and i score the bunk beds in what was certainly a kids' room in the past. the man united wallpaper and the bunk beds give it away.

downstairs in the loungeroom, ben, wes, richo and matt are getting excited as kick off time in the NRL grand final approaches. but a quick search around the tv dial and a couple of phone calls reveal that the game is not being broadcast live in WA. they're gutted. they'll have to content themselves with the delayed telecast at 10.30pm. fortunately we're playing an early show tonight. matt cooks up a gloucester style bbq (though he casts a suspicious eye over the vegetarian sausages and haloumi cheese) before we head off to the venue.

a band called schwendes open proceedings tonight. they're fantastic. we decide we'll play a slightly less rock set tonight to suit the surrounds and the company. halogen put in another good set. i like them more every night. i have a great time onstage tonight. as much as i love playing loud, i've also thoroughly enjoyed the few shows we've played on this tour where we've pulled things back to suit the room.

back to our house with bruno, chamie and graeme from peabody who are also in town. the fridge is full of beer and little else. the tv goes on in time for the national anthem. game time. i take a passing interest in it while some of the others display a fervour i barely realised they possessed. but somewhere along the line interest in the game begins to wane and we decide a series of arm wrestle duels are in order. but things don't get any further than the battle between bruno and i. we have foolishly set ourselves up on a glass top coffee table, with a cushion placed on top, you know, just in case. and sure enough, after a few frantic minutes that reveals no clear winner the glass gives way sending shards crashing across the floor and the cheering on-lookers to their feet. ben catches the whole thing on dv cam. embarrassment will stop me looking at the footage for days. anyway, the game finishes, someone won but wesley declares us all winners. there are long embraces.

monday. we wake to survey the damage. it's not nearly as bad as i remember. then, in a display of precisely how rock we are, i leave a note for the owner of the house offering to pay for the glass and we clean up thoroughly.

today the sun is out again. check-in for the flight home runs far more smoothly; seems the coneliano smile has found form yet again. and as we bid western australia adieu we're sound in the knowledge that although we didn't quite conquer it, it'll still be there next time we decide to give it a go.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Your Flying Body

Just got back from Perth... I always feel... a little left behind when i fly. I take a while to catch up with my body... I'm here now.. On the plane I had day dreams we crashed and I was faced with a 'Lost' scenario I lived on beans and drank sea water... Flying gives me the creeps...

WA was alright, a couple of ghost towns, but good.. Barry smashed a glass table in Freo in a bizarre arm wrestle duel with Bruno from Peabody after our show.. Twas very rock. Played with Halogen, they're good. Great drummer, good songs.. Also a band in Freo called Schvendes, they are amazing check em out if you can...

Trying to stick a new song together in my head with out playing it... like sewing in the dark. piano intro and outro with a great big fuck off slide guitar part, it changes somewhere though and i can't seem to stick the pieces together... I'll let you know...

Expect the others to write soon, they all have access to the blog now...


Monday, September 26, 2005

Train Wreck TV

Just checking in... We're in the middle of our Sleep Less tour... We can't stop once we've started... it stings... I'll post more of a tour diary when it's done... So I can look at the facts from a hazy, clouded... more colourful distance.

Recorded a live set for jjj today. Should be played with in the next week or so. Loved it. A great sounding room with high roof, wooden floor/walls. Looked like the pics I’ve seen of the small studio room at Abbey Road. Set up at from 11am, started recording at 3pm... We were done by 5...

Played Desolation, Counting Cars, Nothing Ever Changes, a new song called Don't Listen To Us (RAWRK), and Sleep Less.

We have a CD with a bunch of new demos... More new songs on the way. The new ones are full of grand ye olde sing alongs, Micro Korg keyboards, our new sampler (Mick McShmik), lotsa Kaos pad vocals/guitars, shouting in a room side by side, and machine gun sounding guitar solos...

Playing WA this weekend, leaving at 5am on Thursday... find a happy place...

Touring with Gersey in Oct and Blasko in Nov... It's gonna be a great rest of the year...

The Biggest Loser is on TV right now... I can't look away... this is real train wreck TV...


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Film Clip Night One by Skye Knight

i just wrote a whole fucking diary entry. my first ever. and i deleted it by accident like a dickhead. and now i have to write it again because i'm stubborn and angry at myself for being an idiot. faaaaaark!

film clip. day one. friday night.

we started off at a studio in artarmon. this is a very strange thing to have to do. i'm used to turning up somewhere different. i'm accustomed to making myself feel at home and comfortable within ten minutes of entering a building. i'm happy to introduce myself to people i haven't met before/re-introduce myself to people that i have met but may've forgotten my name.

i'm not used to walking into a place that has a wall and a floor but no corner bit in between. it was a bendy curve floor wall. a florall. it made me feel sea sick. i liked it because it was fancy. everyone seemed busy. a mic stand was left behind, barry drove home to get it. dave couldn't tie his tie properly. nat was making snacks. amy was taking photos. brett was fixing something with buttons and lights. wes was being entertaining. ben was trying to get the PA to stop sounding like it was shitting itself, eating its own shit and then reshitting it out again.

richo was at a wedding in the city. martelle was laying out make up brushes and colours and looking at us to figure out how to make us look decent. chris was calm and it worried me because no one else was, sam was looking for the light switch for the kitchen. i couldn't find my shoes.

we put our fancy outfits on. i had a black slinky dress that showed most of my boobs, the boys were suited up and debonair. martelle did our make up. ben looked stunning. dave was dashing. barry was handsome. wes had eye liner on and we all giggled. i had so much make up on i finally understood what the old ladies were talking about when they say they're going to put on their face. i would love to claim ownership of those ruby red lips and flawless complexion but it's all a trick that was brushed and glossed and pressed onto my skin.

we started shooting.



--- y'know, i have no idea what to call it. i don't know the proper film clip terms for all the camera things and takes or shots or goes or runs or whatever. if you know what i'm talking about and can tell that i don't know what i'm talking about, please print this out, edit it, type it up, read it and pretend that i wrote it. ---

we started shooting. chris snapped shut the clicker thing thats black and white. someone pressed play. the song started and we all looked retarded because we had no count in. doo doo doo. we all play along and try to look like sam told us too...like we are playing a live show. whoa ho ho. i thought that would be easy but its not. there is like, a camera, and nothing's plugged in. and we're playing but no sound is coming out of the amps. but we keep doing it and it gets a bit easier as we get used to it and sam and chris let us know what looks good and what to not do again. i still can't find my shoes and my dirty footprints are all over the whitest white floor.

they do close ups and far aways and ups and downs and hand shots and face shots and then richo turns up completely smashed from the wedding. "hey richo how was the wedding" "yeah good" "you're smashed" "yeah" "you turned up just in time" "really?" "yep" "ALRIGHTY EVERYONE READY?"

we start playing along for the fortieth time, but this time richo is smashing his drums and it's so loud it hurts my face but it's hilarious and more enjoyable. i feel more at ease with all of us there. when richo starts drunkenly screaming to be funny while we are shooting i lose it and start laughing and it's so hard to stop. fuck he's funny sometimes. we do this over and over till 3am.

sam and chris are awesome. it's amazing to meet someone a few times and then see them do something so foreign and different to what i'm used to. it's impressive. i feel i'm in safe hands.

so we finish up and it's time to go. we have two more days of this but in a different place. it's pack up time so those that are naturally helpful, help cleaning up and putting things back in their right place. those who are still trying to come to terms with the weird experience look for their shoes and find them under a jacket under a table.


if you want to see pictures from the shoot go here:

Amy Walters Web Site

Wednesday, March 09, 2005